Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Was Banned

As mentioned, I've been in the office way too much lately!  I've actually been working on a big project reviewing all of our labels and lit so its been a needed office confinement, however, I still don't take to it!

But - I was actually forbidden by HR to come in on Thursday and Friday this week!  Honestly!  They're replacing our cute as a button desks with actually cubicles and so they're breaking everything down today and assembling tomorrow.  Needless to say, all of my desk on on boxes and so I'm working at home today.  But - since I was home mom asked me to take her to get her hair done.  Which - was fine with me as there's a lake right next to downtown area where she goes.  I grabbed all the proofs I'm going through and headed to the dock and here I sit!  It's one of the absolutely peaceful lakes for kayaking or SUPping or just sitting because there's no motorized boats on the lake - no noise, no crowds.  

I can now get some sun AND some work done!  Or just some sun:)

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