Monday, July 28, 2014


Introducing the thing that may save all of us - if it really does what's promised.  Baileys brand new Thundershirt!  Storms, fireworks, cars backfiring... These are all noises that send Bailey into panic mode where she chews holes in carpet, gnaws on walls and tries to literally climb inside any person who happens to be near her.  Sleep overs are dreaded if the sky starts darkening.

But now - ThunderShirt is here and were all hoping that it works for her otherwise...well, I think my otherwise is that Ill be much more studious about checking the weather before I say yes to Bailey-sitting!

And in other weekend news...
Another trip to Ravinia for a surprise birthday party for good old Kim!  Joshua Bell was playing and we had a group of us there to enjoy the music and the company.  I even got 4 free lawn tickets for future performances as they were giving them out as a thank you from Ravinia.  Yay!  I get to go at least two more times!  I know my friend Lauren is coming from Philly so were grabbing another friend Rhonda and were going to do the lawn the day she comes in.  I believe it's Don Giovanni.  And then the next one I know for sure I want to do is YoYo Ma on August 21st.  It's been a great Ravinia summer so far!

This is the way to party at Ravinia!:)

And do not go to Ravinia and sit like this - its very awkward for the people you're sitting and staring at even though you might find it quite amusing....:)

Two life lessons from Ravinia!
And the rest you'll have to figure out yourselves!

And now - TNMC in lovely downtown Omaha calls.  Beautiful Tuesday to be here...I should add - I'm actually excited to stop at my favorite cofffe place on the way out so - Yay!

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