Friday, July 4, 2014

Before And After

During the fall and winter, Mr Calvin Coolidge is quite ok being his normal shaggy self (although we've talked and he quite prefers to NOT be that way at all...)   When he's got his big fuzzy coat on he spends his days sitting on the back porch basking in the cold.  Walks at the dog park are still a highlight to his day, but it takes him longer as he's feeling all wrapped up in his winter-wear and not feeling spritely and cool.  He tolerates, one might say.

But as soon as spring and summer come - tolerance is completely gone.  Once the 40 degree temps come up, he is not a happy camper when he goes out.  So - its a job to keep up with his grooming and to keep him cool and happy.

This was Mr Calvin at the beginning of this past week.  Dog Park walks took an hour because he was so uncomfortable.

So an appointment was made with his friends at Silver Dog groomers and a shave and haircut was in order.  SO much happier now and walks don't take as long - whining doesn't happen as much and he spends more time indoors in the evenings.  AND he smells better and look better!  And he always looks like a completely different dog!

AND - to match his new haircut.... A new collar was in order.  He DOES love his collars so... ok, I guess its more me... :)


Karl said...

You should save the 'wool' after shearing your sheep and have mom knit a Calvin sweater for him to wear during the winter :)

Karl said...

I especially like that first picture by the way (nice border blur!)