Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dirty Girls!

Last year, I fell in love - 
with 100s of dirty girls running for breast cancer...
And, admittedly, tons of yucky, stinky, slimy mud...

So at that point I decided I would run again, but I would build a bigger, better, stronger team!
One out of four isn't bad, right?  I did run again.  However, my team slowly diminished over time, became "weaker" (due to sickness, maiming and injuries...) and we ended up missing our run time start so we actually finished late.

But we ran! :)

This is us BEFORE!

This is us AFTER!
 Carlene, Cristina, me and Brittany.  We missed you Cathy and Kim and Kate and Laurie!

Our team name was Gaye's Muddy Buddies and we ran for my friend Gaye who is a breast cancer survivor (strong and getting stronger!).  Gaye is in all black at the right.

All through the run they kept on pushing us to muddy other people up.  They'd point us to someone and whisper "go give them a hug" - it became second nature that if we saw someone in a volunteer or Dirty Girl admin shirt, we'd just automatically rub up on them, especially if they were squeaky clean looking.

After the run we needed our carb and protein load up so we headed to downtown Grayslake where we ended up at this little diner off of Center Street.  Not my favorite place but I end up there a lot as its close and you can usually get in quickly.  

Cristina is an student from Dominican Republic who is working at Six Flags this summer and so she's experiencing all this quintessential American stuff (at least she thinks it is) so she was enamored with this diner atmosphere.  She just loved the counter and thought it looked like American movies.  Not sure what American movies she's watching but - had to do a picture!

And then home to clean up so we could head off to our next big adventure.  So - this is how dirty you get... We had already hosed off at the fairgrounds but when we got home we all showered.  Showers take extra long because you're trying to get everything clean.  And even after you think you have everything clean, you grab a q-tip to clean your ears out and... like 8 q-tips later, this is still coming out of your ears!

Sorry - its nasty - but
thats the Dirty Girl!

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