Saturday, June 14, 2014

Relaxing Saturday Afternoons And Dead Lizards

You may think - what do relaxing and dead lizards have in common?  For me - its the pleasure of finally checking something off my list that I've been meaning to do for 2 years.  

Cleaning the garage - I did it once many moons ago and have meant to do it again as the fall leaves and the yucky from the outside animals have piled up in corners and against the walls.  After drinking coffee and enjoying a few hours just doing nothing this morning, I felt this huge wave of initiative to get my hiney out to the garage and get the thing cleaned out.  

So - I must clarify when I say "cleaned out", I mean general getting all the leaves and dust and - other stuff - out.... Not going all Randy (my fastidiously clean brother in law) and getting down on my hands and knees with bleach and a toothbrush.  It is a garage after all.  But - I must admit it looks quite sparkly now even though my toothbrush was not present.

AND I must admit that I'm pretty tough, but I did muster through a few girl moments when I thought I saw something moving under a pile of leaves or when I found a mummified lizard stuck in a corner of the wall.  After a short little screech - I did feel sad for him - but then it went away like he did in the garbage can!:)

And then once the garage was finished - I was feeling uber relaxed and I decided to tackle both cars.  Vacuumed, dusted down and all the junk thrown out - very fulfilling!

After all that, I still had time for a walk with Cal and then headed to my bible study with my friend Melanie.  She has two foster girls this week so I went to her place and took a few extra minutes to stop at this A-dorable new coffee shop in McHenry called "The Hidden Pearl" (off of Pearl St - cute right?).  I was very happy to make the barista entirely pleased with me for ordering a breve latte as he said he's been trying to get that on their menu - happy to make the demand and they use Metropolis Coffee (from downtown - delicious!) so it was a pretty good breve!

Happy day - happy end to day with happy cup of coffee!

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