Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Alison! Soap Lady ... Tostone-Maker ... Bird-Rescuer!

I was out running this afternoon.  I run the forest preserve trail twice, including this 1/2 mile off-shoot that not many other people go.  As I was running the first time, on the off-shoot path, I saw this lump in the pathway and as I got closer I saw it was a bird just sitting there.  I ran past, circled at the end and came back again to find the bird still sitting there.  I stopped for a second and got near it and it tried to jump away but you could tell there was something wrong with it.  I stood for a second and then figured I'd finish my run and circle back again.  

Sure enough, my second lap, bird is still there but this time there are these horrible other birds dive bombing it and pecking at him -horrible!  It made me so sad and as I ran by it for the fourth time, I felt a little guilty.  I had to talk myself out of it by saying "it's just a bird!"

I finished running - stretched for a while - and then my humanity outweighed my practical side and I decided I had to do something ... That sounds so stupid, right!?  It's like I'm a Bird Superhero that comes into her self-discovery one day and all of a sudden there's lightening and the wind blows and I magically grow a cape and take off!

Five or so years ago, Calvin had gotten ahold of a cardinal in the back yard and had done a number on it, but it was still alive.  I found out one of the local vets is also a wild life rescue so I brought Mr Calvin's play toy into the rescue, signed paperwork that I would never come back to reclaim the bird, and I left it for them to supposedly save.

So - Alison the bird-rescuer decided to put her superhero cape back on!  I ran home and got a clean towel and a container and the dog (figured I'd make it worth my while to go that trail a third time!) and Cal and I set off to rescue my injured trail friend.

Which -when we finally returned to the spot, the poor guy was gone.  I'm hoping those other mean birds didnt eat him or something.

Oh well - all that to say - I need to stop being so sensitive... Oy vay!  I walked over 3 miles to save a bird.... Crazy, right?  Maybe I have the bird flu and its affected my brain.  Go figure ...

And FYI - the picture - that's Calvin's squeaker friend.  We had a nice talk on the drive to the vet and he forgave Calvin, at least that's what I interpreted his death glare at me to be....:)

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