Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Take Me With You!!!!

I was working in Eau Claire today.  All morning standing by washers again but - I'm getting good at this mechanical stuff:)   I was playing around with the washers and I tweaked just the right knobs and buttons and I found a setting that actually makes the priming process go faster.  Take that Steris my arch rival!  Even so -I was in the department from 9 until about 1:30... And towards the end a case came down that was the most foul smelling thing ever!  I've seen a lot and smelled a lot in CS, but this one was making me do that throw up thing in my mouth.  Nasty!

I finally got out of the account around 3.  There's a lonely, older, single cat-lady in purchasing and every time I go in for one question, she'll talk forever.  I was trapped for about 20 minutes but I considered it my good deed for the day because I do feel sorry for her - and, pay it forward .... I may be that lonely, old, single DOG lady one day:)

Anyways - drove into the downtown area to get gas and coffee on the way out and I couldn't help but notice mobs of people walking down the main sidewalks in their swim suits carrying every kind of inflatable intertube imaginable.  I finally traced them and saw - they would all go to this one point in the Chippewa River and jump in on their tubes and then ride the river down to the end of the town and walk back.  As I stood there pumping gas, sweating in my work clothes, I could hear the river rushing and everyone looked like they were having so much fun and I wanted to yell - "take me with you!!!"

But, I went in, got coffee, and then headed back to Rochester.  

On the plus side - I just became the proud owner of two brand new kayaks tonight!  I found them cheap on Craigslist because I've been promising myself them every summer and I finally snapped!  And Kim and I are planning on going camping in the Door in July and I'm determined to kayak on the east side!  So excited!  I pick them up this weekend so Ill be sure to show Picts!:)

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