Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Hellos And Sad Goodbyes

I'm delinquent once again in my posting. But it could be far worse, meaning a month when people are beginning to email and ask what's wrong:). So - before that happens!.... I'm offering my overdue post from the past weekend!

Saturday was my long anticipated crazy day which actually turned out quite mild and well ordered, thank God.  International Workers Outreach and our Welcome Picnic brought us about 30 students from Dominican Republic, Colombia and Taiwan who are working at Six Flags for the summer.  There are a total of about 250 here but these were the ones who had off and were actually interested in hanging out with "church" people!  Every student I met this year was absolutely awesome - no attitudes, all so appreciative and eager to meet us - and everyone who came from all the churches - just as amazing!  It was an absolutely fun time and such a blessing to see how God provided for everything from food to volunteers to students.  I'm excited that things are already happening for us to offer more event this summer!  A first!  It's amazing what happens when you shrug and just tell God to take it because its His anyways!  I cant wait to get to know more of these students this summer!

And now for the sad....the stinky thing about being a church that's by Great Lakes and Trinity is that you get amazing families and friends in your church and then inevitably 4 years later, it's "adios" were being transferred or were taking a church somewhere else.  Blah!
This Sunday were my beloved Ostrums!:(. Boo hoo!  Peter is a JAG in the navy and they're being transferred to Norfolk.  I've tried to convince them to leave the kids with me, or at least Jack - they laughed at me!...:(. On the plus side - Jack did say he wanted to stay with me! (it might have been the ice cream I offered?  But I chose to believe it was his love for me;)

I've had all three in my Sunday school class for the past three years, Jack is the last left and now he's gone... But never forgotten!

After church, we had a brunch for Erica and the girls.  It was fun to just be with a few really awesome women from church and I really wasnt in the mood to go that day, but as soon as I walked in, I got sucked in and ended up staying a couple if hours, even when there were only 4 of us just sitting around talking.  So thankful for such amazing people in my life - and so sad when God has them move....

Three of my Sunday School alumni....:). They look so sweet...

And then they beg to make scary faces... And I can't refuse them:)

At least I have goofy pictures and good memories.... Bye Ostrums!!!!:(

(Can you understand why I want to keep them???? They are A-dorable!!!!!:)

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