Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sweet Saturday

I don't know how I did it, but I'm currently sitting in the church parking lot at 8:40 and I don't have to be in for at least another 15 minutes so - blog!

Yesterday I slept until almost 11 as I hadn't gotten home until about 3 or so in the morning.  I had already planned on going to the beach with Kim and I decided that I was definitely still going.  I did bring Calvin with though and we did the dog beach.  I didn't like the Foster Ave Beach like our dog beach, but it was just nice to be with Kim whatever the beach was like.  Cal was such a good boy!

And afterwards we went over to this restaurant, Nookies.  They had outdoor seating and so we could bring Cal with us.  He just sat there like the wonderful boy he is - watching people and making everyone ooo and ah and ask to pet him.  Since he hadn't really even eaten and was acting extremely hungry, I actually ordered him a plate of steak and eggs which he completely demolished!

Then down to Metropolis where we got coffee.  I went in to get our coffees and left Kim sitting outside with Cal.  When I got back, Kim told me that I needed to use Calvin way more to pick up guys:). She said everyone was stopping to pet him or would just smile really big when they passed him.  Too funny - he could be quite useful if I lived in the city!:). I'd have to pick a different neighborhood though as I would probably be best served to pick up guys, if I were a guy myself....:)

After coffee -we just walked around Edgewater, and by the time we got home, Cal was all tuckered out.
A good and relaxing day for both of us!

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