Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bleary Eyed

It's 2:15 am and I'm in a cab on the way to my office to collect my car and go home!  After a long week - I'm finally going home!  

I got all washers up and running today - passing and not passing - they were being finicky but we were guaranteed that my product was not going to be blamed.  Several of the tests had spots and I was grousing about it and trying to figure how to rerun and my rep was saying "oh my word, it looks fine just leave it alone!" To which my new BFF:) the dept director Cynthia replied "Alison is obviously a perfectionist - and there's nothing wrong with that because we appreciate her aim for perfection for us!"  Someone finally gets my thought process:). Thank you!

Got to the airport about 2 hours before my flight, enough time to stop and get a drink!  Then boarded the plane, backed out of the gate on time, fell asleep, awakened by the ding ding of the pilot coming on to say there's a broken seat we had to go back to the gate for them to fix.  We had sat on the runway for 45 minutes waiting for them to decide that and then we were back at the gate for another 20 while they fixed and filled out paperwork.  Ugh - finally took off.

And now I'm in a cab and we stopped once because he was dinking around and now we just got pulled over -- I didn't even notice he was going 97 in a 55 zone... And he just showed his insurance and its expired.  I'm exhausted - help I'm exhausted!  I'm ready to cry!:(. I just want to go home!

Hopefully sometime today?  What is today even!....

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