Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eating Chick-fil-a And Humble Pie

I was trying to live by this sign today!:). It was an absolutely hideous day for the most part as I was in my account at 6:30 a.m and left at 4 and accomplished nothing except to obtain continuous verbal acknowledgement that I was very smart and much appreciated - which may seem like a good days work... But not when that's exactly all that was done.

I had learned from previous mistakes and so I had them run a test that needed to be run before I came in to switch to my product.  I have now learned I made another mistake and didnt ask them to save the test.  So when I got in today I asked them to rerun it as they just marked it as passed and threw the actual test.  When the manager got in she started questioning me about rerunning the test when they already knew it passed.  I basically said that I had just learned from experience that I wanted a base line test to compare things to when I run mine.  The tests all ended coming up as fails.  I was so happy I had stuck to my proverbial guns.  And then we spent all day tweaking and rerunning and calling people and never getting my product in today.  So that was bad, but literally all day the manager was saying how I was so smart to ask for the tests to me rerun and when she was giving me a hard time before she was "just testing" me.  I'm not sure what the test was, but apparently I passed!  Anyways - I was so frustrated all day and I was trying to just figure out how to stay calm and not feel like I had wasted a day.  Hopefully tomorrow Ill get things hooked up to the washers!

And I got to take BIKRAM again today!!!! YAY!  There was a studio about 5 minutes from the hospital I was working at and so I got done just in time to go over and take a class.  YAY YAY!  It was a pretty good studio and the instructor was good, except very hard to understand as her accent was so strong - I think she was like Columbian or something.   And then, after my 90 minute class, I don't know if I nullified all the work I did, but there was a delicious Chick-Fil-A right by my hotel and so I decided to swing on in and pick up dinner.  Does that mean that all the work I did is now undone?  I'm choosing to believe NO! :)

Anyways - they had this sign up in the locker room at the Bikram studio and it just made me smile because I've been working on some stuff lately.  Correction - GOD has been working on some stuff on me.  Theres a song that I've been listening to called "Its Your Revolution" where he says "Open up our eyes, make what we have inside more than just believing, more than words we say..."  I'm working on my outer self and what comes out even when my inner self feels sucky because I know my inner self is so unpredicatable and moody, but my heart is God's and that should be joy and that should be affecting my inner and my outer way more than I'm letting it because I'm letting the outside control me from the inside.  Its something that I'm giving to God and slowly working through and trying to own up to things where I need to.  I believe the more you leave stuff just sitting the more it affects how you act so.... 

I had some humble pie to eat tonight... 
The one thing about being on the road is that when you're finally home the last thing you want to do is run stupid errands for things like make up remover and vitamins.  So since there was a CVS and I needed some things, I just stopped in and bought necessities and then a gift for my friends who I plan to stay with tomorrow night.  I got up to the counter and she rang everything up (including the bag which you have to pay $.10 for in CA now... thank you) and I swiped my wonderful Chase credit card which I know 100% should very much work.  "Use another form of payment" popped up.  I swiped again ... and again ... and again.... same response every time.  The little Asian lady with the broken accent said "you use 'nother card?" and I started getting a little sucky with her because I was quite convinced it was their register.  We stand there rerunning and me being nasty and then she says "there cash machine there" and I go over to use it.... And basically the same message comes up.
I asked her to save the bag and I went out to call Chase... which was an exceptionally frustrating situation as I went through the whole message thing and then got put on hold and then about 5 minutes later, got hung up on.  And then I call again and the same thing happened.  I finally called the international line and they end up connecting me with the fraud dept -- who we have to go through a ton of stuff and then they finally tell me that yes they had put a hold on my card.  WHA?  I was pretty upset as they usually send a text message and then I have to reply to it and it keeps my card up - he tells me "oh, we were just getting ready to send you a message".  AUGH!

So, the humble pie came when I went back in to CVS to claim my bag and I just felt so bad that I had gotten all snarky on the nice little Asian lady so I spent like 10 minutes apologizing profusely and telling her how horrible I had been to her and asking her to forgive me.  Positive point is - I think I made a new friend AND I now feel happy because I feel like I made something right that I needed to make right.  

Its baby stepping because I know there are probably a ton of things that I need to be working on and apologizing for, but - baby stepping because you can only eat so much humble pie.  Once its all said and done, though - its quite satisfying! :)

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