Monday, May 26, 2014

A God Blessing Day!

I love the way God hooks me up with new friends and how He uses us in each others lives!  

Remember Willie and Lillie, the couple from our cruise earlier this year?  I got to spend the day with them today and what an amazing blessing they were to me!  I'm in San Francisco and I had, rather stupidly, booked myself to work today - only to have it brought to my attention after I booked my flight that it was indeed a holiday.  So, with it being way too expensive to change my flight, I figured I'd see if I could spend the day with Lillie and Willie at their home in Tracy (about an hour from San Fran).  So - as soon as my flight landed this morning I hopped in a rental and got to them by about 11:30.  

We ate lunch and then Lillie and I sat and talked forever, and then she took me across the parking lot to tour their church.  Willie is the senior pr at Valley Community Church.  She showed me the food pantry (which I've been planning on helping them with on weds night -excited!:) and the whole church.  She brought me into Willies office and, he had this picture on his desk - I just fell in love with it!  It's the most adorable photo!

After the tour, Lillie brought me back and they had made Puerto Rican food for me.  Yellow rice and beans, steak and onions and the most amazing fried plantains ever.  It was so amazing!  I couldn't stop eating the plantains!

Tomorrow I'm working in Mountain View - I'm praying all goes well as I need a good trial with this rep as they always seem to end up badly.  Were starting at like 6:30 so I'm hoping to be done in time to catch a Bikram class at a local studio. That will make 2 times in a one week period for Bikram.  I don't even know how to control my excitement!:)

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Haddock said...

Agree to that. The picture on his desk - the body language between them is just perfect for a "just married" couple.