Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So Beautiful!

You probably don't even know what you're looking at - but trust me - its a thing of beauty!!!!!

I'm back in Springfield at the new addition to the hospital here and their new department that were working in hasnt even opened yet.  It's brand new everything and its absolutely wonderful! 

Most facilities are working with washers that are older than proverbial dirt (btw, those are brand new instrument washers in the pict).  And on too of that, tend to have this brand of washer that is horrible to work with.  You know when there is one company that started a trend and everyone uses it and then other companies come out with similar products but everyone keeps on using the first company because - well, when you need a Kleenex you use Kleenex, right... Guess what, there's Puffs, there's Scott, there's even Target brand.... But everyone is stuck on Kleenex!  Ah!  Anyways, this "Kleenex" brand washer company is horrible horrible to work with and is most if the cause for any part of me hating my job.  

So - these washers that were just installed were the "Puffs" brand of Kleenex and I love working with them!  All their service techs are just the nicest guys and they're decent human beings!  And, to boot - their washers work really really well!;)

So that's that -
And now on to Eau Claire, WI!  

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