Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Start Your Day The Margarita Way!

You've got to love an SPD manager that has a margarita tape dispenser!  What an awesome way to start an early morning conversion/in-service!  Truly, I love working with this SPD because they're so laid back and easy going.  They ask great questions and really want to do things right. And they obviously like a good margarita!:). So cool for Belleville, IL.  Whats even better, when I mentioned how I loved the tape dispenser, the comment was "thats all theyll let me have, for some reason they dont think a wet bar is a good idea..." :). Sometimes these smaller hospitals can be a pain in my rear and sometimes they're pure pleasure!  Today - my Tuesday is pure pleasure!

And to boot - I get to take a quick jaunt over to St Louis tonight to meet up with my hysterically fun and wonderfully - wonderful friend Cathy!  Yay!  Celebration as she just finished her bachelors degree!  It was a long road- but she got to the end!  Excited to see her!

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