Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Grand Total

I just got home this afternoon from my week on the road.  My grand total in driving this week was 1908 miles!  That just makes me tired....:). But work and friend-wise, it was a great week.

The highlight of my week, besides Melissa...
I got to do a Bikram class!  I was in 7th heaven and on top of that, Mel even joined me and got through the class with flying colors.  It was fun to share my love with yet another friend!

And Friday I came straight from THE Cities to THE city:). It was high time to hang out with my bestie, Kim!  It had been since before Easter that I saw her.  We went out to a great Italian place in Andersenville and the headed back to her place where I made up my makeshift bed on her hardwood floor - two yoga mats, 2 yoga towels, 4 beach towels and a Cubs blanket later and I actually slept quite well!

And then Saturday morning, Ioana took the train over to Edgewater where we were and we all got to eat breakfast together.  It was my last time to see Ioana before she heads back to Bucharest.  I had talked about going to we her in October after Hungary... Looks like I have to now as she's leaving stuff behind for me to bring with me to Romania.  Alison is everyone's pack mule  when it comes to overseas - and I love it!:)

And the my trip home got me there in time for the dog park and then - 100 cupcakes more for the wedding next weekend.  They're all tucked safely away in various freezers throughout Lake County.  I'm so glad I'm done!

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