Sunday, May 18, 2014


Ah beautiful sun!!!!!! It's another weekend that God opened up the sky with a wonderful ball of bright sun!  Today, I had my friend Ioana with me (came on Friday) to spend the weekend.  She works with a Christian organization in Bucharest and is here for a few weeks doing support raising.  She came out to see me and just to take a few days of r and r so I made sure we had a completely relaxing weekend as I pretty much needed out too!  We went to my Bible study on Friday night and Saturday we slept in and hung out and she helped me bake cupcakes and then we went out to eat and ended the evening with a movie that made our brains actually have to kick into gear (Inception).

Today we did Sunday school and church and then ate at yummy Walker Bros (sun roof open the whole time we were in the car!) and then we enjoyed a nice few go arounds at the dog park (home of said Calvin friend, Mr Tick).

I'm trying to figure how to budget my time and get her back to the city tomorrow as well as getting my week in gear!...

Crazy week upcoming - but I'm actually excited about it because I absolutely love every account I'm working with (well, except one mean customer - just is not a nice person to begin with, but I can handle it...:).  And on top of awesome customers I get to stay with my awesome friend, Melissa and that just makes me super happy!  I need some good Mel time... 

So here's how crazy things are for this week.  My account in Springfield was missing some product from their order and so we need to start this new facility up.  SO - Friday, I had to go to our warehouse and pick up a ... Ready ... 30 gallon drum of detergent - that's 290 lbs of soap rolling around in the back of my car.  They had to bring it out to my car on a forklift and three guys had to get it in.  I have NO clue how they're getting it out -- but now I have to drive my car for the week so Ill be putting a billion (slight exaggeration) miles on my new car already!

So my planned itinerary goes
Monday - Springfield, Il
Tuesday - Eau Claire, WI (7 hours from Springfield to Eau Claire!  Eek!)
                 St Louis Park, MN
Then staying in Rochester 
Wednesday - Chippewa Falls, WI
Thursday - Wyoming, MN
And then yay - I think I've got some time to go take a Bikram class in the cities!  So needing it!
Friday - Minneapolis for two appts and then HOME!

I'm seriously wondering how many miles I'm going to put on but thank goodness for podcasts and a bunch of apps that I have with sermons and lectures and stuff and my bible app -- keeps me entertained for hours and I feel like someone is riding with me:)

But for today - I'm still on the back porch (listening to the Lakes high school graduation from the football field behind us) soaking up sun!!!! I love you sun!!!!!

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