Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back Home

I met up for dinner with Cathy in St Louis... SO awesome to see her!  She's just such a great person and has come through so much and is in such a healthy place that its just an encouragement and an amazingly fun time being with her!  And then to be able to celebrate her finishing her degree - even more awesome!  And how can you not like someone who says that she would love to go on a date to the Cheescake Factory and order a side salad, a bowl of extra croutons and a plate of mini corn dogs - and a water.  I'd take her out just to see that!

And then as I left St Louis on 65 - I look to my left and immediately drool starts to form at the sides of my mouth....  There sits the mother of all hospitals that I've been trying to get business from for the past 12 years!  SOB!  BJC - Barnes Jewish Hospital!  I couldn't find a picture on line but you'll just have to trust me that the main site is MAMMOTH!  And then there are like 7 outlying hospitals as well.  WHY won't they love me?!:). Maybe some day -gives me something to keep aiming for.

Finished up some additional business on Wednesday, but thanks to our distributors bad job at communication about not delivering product, sigh, Ill need to go back to Springfield -possible next week which means it will be a hellish week as I have to be in MN as well.  

Where can I order another Alison?

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