Saturday, June 28, 2014

We Won?!


Its the weekend of the Dirty Girl run.  I had gotten a bunch of people to sign up at the end of last years (more on that later), and Brittany was one of them!  She flew in on Thursday afternoon and we headed down to Edgewater where Kim lives where I changed from work clothes to Cubs clothes and then we went to Nookies (its become a favorite of convenience and familiarity for Kim and me).  After dinner we hopped the train and, 5 stops later, got off in Wrigleyville for a - yay - CUBS GAME!  Brittany had never been to Wrigley and so she wanted to check it off her list.

The evening started off cooler - of course because I was in attendance and did not bother to bring a jacket or a blanket.  Thats the way it always happens at Wrigley.  This time I REFUSED to buy anything else but instead sat and suffered:)

The other thing it started off as, weather-wise, was foggy.  There was just a tad bit of fog in the air but as the evening progressed....

.... it definitely continued to get worse.  In fact, every time they hit the ball and if it went far or up high, it was really hard to see where it was or where it had gone.

But at the end of the night, it was all worth it because WE WON!  I think this was maybe the second time that I've gotten to sign the "Go Cubs Go!" song.  Kim has been way more than I am and this was her first time.  Its amazing we even know the words!  They do that follow-the-bouncing-ball thing with the words though because I think they know most people don't know what they're saying.

Ending score - 
Nationals 3
Cubs 5!

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