Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ok - maybe not....
But I do have pictures posted on a Bikram studio website!   I just got an email newsletter today and I remembered that one time I had visited the studio, the instructor had been taking pictures.  So - I pulled up Orlando West and sure enough.... I'm FAMOUS!  Along with the 20 other people in the classroom. Its funny too, though, because there was another instructor's class pictures posted and there was a woman with black shorts and a pink bra top - and I thought it was me until I got in closer - not me!

So I'm trying to decide what I'm doing today.  I've been working in my office this morning, went for a run and then was going to come back and get ready and leave to drive down to Springfield.  But now two things have happened, my friend can't do dinner in St Louis so theres no rush, and now I just found out the service rep for the one account I was supposed to be at at 9 isn't going to be there until 11.  SO - now I have to decide if I want to just stay here tonight and leave early early to drive to Litchfield, IL OR do I just want to leave tonight.  UGH!  Decisions.  I will admit that, after being gone so much the past few months, now that I'm home for two days, I've become a little restless so I feel like getting in the car and going.  But I might just fight that desire off so I can be here another night.

Aren't you excited to find out tomorrow what decision I make!  At the edges of your seats!

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