Thursday, July 31, 2014

Banned Again!

I got back into town on Wednesday and had office meetings but figured Id have time to set up my NEW cube desk!  No such luck!  I came in and found a cube and cabinets but NO desk!  Apparently they have to get permits to wire the cubes for electric and for IT stuff so they have to wait until Friday.  BUT - Im already happier!  SO much bigger and nicer than what I had before as my stuff from 17 years was hiding in closets and drawers all over the building and can now be reunited back in my space.  And I'm going from, what I liked to call my wedge, to an actual work space!  Yay!

So I'm stuck in my alternate universe which I actually kind of like because it means I'm home:)

Since I can't set things up this week - who knows when Ill be able to get to it as I'm gone for tomorrow and all next week.  I guess it's a reason to look forward to going into the office!

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