Friday, August 1, 2014

Alison's Got New Shoes

Alison's got new shoes and Alison's feet are very happy!  And what's more - I think Alison's ankle that had been having problems before is also especially happy.   I do believe I had exceeded the miles on my other pair (if you didnt realize, you're supposed to change out your running shoes every 350 miles - just like tires your shoes break down too!).  As soon as I put the new ones on the other day, I noticed a difference after I ran.  It still hurts a little but not like before.  I felt like one of those horses that someone had cut the tendons on the back of their ankle - I believe the word is "hobbled".  Well - that's how I'd been feeling.

The initial problem was that I LOVE my Montrails and I always buy my shoes from RoadRunner and they didnt carry Montrails anymore let alone my style as it had been on the "endangered species" list as they call it.  I finally braved a change and actually went to Montrail and - it is indeed a soon to be discontinued shoe but I got a pair (and for quite the discounted price!).

So now - my butt has been planted on a seat for 6 hours today as I drove up to Green Bay and Sheboygan and back again and my legs have been needing to run free and so they now are happy doing so as there's no more pain like before!  

It's amazing how happy new shoes can make a girl!:)

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