Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Brief Cousin Encounter

Tammy, Don and I got back from Charleston around 1pm so we had some time with Lisa, Jeremy and K'Maya and Mary Jo.  Lisa and Jer are down to pick up Olivia and Gabby who are finishing their respective jobs for the summer.  Livy was counseling at the Wilds this summer and was riding back to Greenville with Dawn (who I got to se for like 2 minutes) and Gabby finished on Sunday as she's been out travelling ok the drama team with Academy of Arts this summer.  

It was nice to actually have a flight delay because it just meant I had the extra time to just be with my cousins who I see only once in a while.  Tammy said this is actually the first time all four of them have been together since they boxed up Aunt June's house before they sold it.  They're all going out tonight just the four sisters - if my flight had been cancelled:) they said I could have been a sister for the evening:)

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