Sunday, August 10, 2014

The OTHER Family....:)

It's Sandy's birthday and so Uncle Raine had us all over for Sunday lunch.  As usual, it was good -but it took forever to get it!!

She had to show us her most recent daily, yes daily, Williams-Sonoma purchase.  She has a working relationship with the store in Lake Forest and is continually packing her cupboards with kitchen gadgets.  This is the newest one - a rip cord onion chopper:)

Tom and Pat seemed to think if they helped her put things away we'd get to lunch faster... Didnt really work, but kudos for trying!

The "smart" ones just stayed outside out of the way.

And the poor children were the ones that suffered...

Debbie dogsits her granddog:)

And tomorrow is goodbye for Jessica as she starts her new, first job in Cincinnati! They leave tomorrow to move her stuff down.  

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