Friday, August 8, 2014

Week Catch Up

I've been down south working - or trying to work, as it seems that everyone I was supposed to work with earlier in the week cancelled on me.  But for the past few days I've been in Charleston meeting at a company that I'd love to work at!  But we'll see what happens:)

So - Tammy and Don came down with me and hung out in charleston yesterday and then later this afternoon after my meetings, I met up with them and we walked around for a bit and then took a sunset cruise over to Fort Sumter.  It was threatening to rain but actually held off all night we were out and turned out to be a beautiful evening.

This black part of the fort was built during WWII.

Canon shot still in the wall from 1863.

Sunset cruises only happen once a week and so we all got to help them take the flags down.  It was a pretty cool experience to see all these people who never had met working together to take these huge flags down.

This is the big main flag in the middle.  Don is in the front in the red shirt and brown shorts:)

And by the time we left - it was high tide...


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