Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time For A Break

I'm a little sad today.  For the past 5 years I've taught the 2-4 year olds Sunday school class and today, was my last day:(. Nothing bad - just due to some changes that I've been feeling like I needed to make some changes and this was one of them.  

Changes are hard - last day was hard but it was a little easier as it was a very small class today so not as much emotional trauma for me!  I had time to sit and look around my room and do my little memory walk and let myself grieve a little.  5 years of children and of families I've gone through and impacted.  5 years of stories and songs that have been branded in their hearts and minds and 5 years of all the fun stories and little things they've said ...

The window trick always works for the one who has separation anxiety, btw;). There's nothing like getting them to the window (which is opposite the door) and spotting anything and everything from geese to butterflies to flowers.  Works every time!:)

The all time favorite song for all of us!  Keep Your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies... Ps 34:13.  It's the song that requires a good round of "magic soap" after but it's in high demand!

And speaking of songs - I'm sad now because I don't get to use all those childrens albums I have that have entertained us for hours while we play.  Although, I am a closet Steve Green "Hide Em In Your Heart" listener:)

Who can forget the time Miss Alison got glitter banned from the craft room and had the whole church asking her "did you release tinker bell in the church?"  All right - I think I did learn that 2 and 3 year olds tend to use way too much glitter - but it is so pretty and so much fun!  But when that happens - the only way to apologize is on glitter paper with a glitter pen and throw some glitter in the envelope.... Sometimes you just have to get it out of your system when you know you'll never be allowed to use it again...

Lesson to be learned... I can never be trusted with cute noses!!!  I want them all!!!!:)

Bye to my Sunday School bag (courtesy Debbie:) that carried all my wonderful Sunday school fun stuff into class every Sunday.

Bye to my favorite Sunday school assistant who's been with me for 2 years!    Thanks Kathy!

Bye to long sad tales of fun during the week resulting in horrific owies on heels that never got the medical attention that was fully deserved.

Bye to happy Sunday mornings full of pleasant greetings!

Bye to all the fun "Miss Alison says" stories and the "can you teach me the song you sing" that I get from parents, which makes me remember - said children really are listening.

Ill miss them all....

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