Thursday, August 14, 2014


Many many moons ago:). I worked with a girl named Lauren - and we've been friends ever since.  The end!

But yet it's still being written because even though Lauren and I don't work together anymore, Lauren is awesome about keeping in contact so when she found out she was coming to a weekend bachelorette party in Chicago, she contacted me and we made plans to spend a day together!

We ended up meeting up at Ravinia with another friend, Rhonda, who we worked with as well.  It was great catching up and just having a fun time.  We ate at The Terrace restaurant on the Ravinia grounds and then shifted out to our lawn chairs for some wine and the CSO and the CLO and Don Quioxte.  It was inside Martin Theatre so we couldn't see it at all, therefore we just rudely whispered and laughed.  There actually aren't that many people there so we got away with it!

Lauren entitled this our "white trash cooler"...
It worked though!  

And Lauren finally got to meet mom - I've met Lauren's parents a billion times and when I'm in Philly we always do dinner and they always ask about mom so it was fun that Lauren actually got to put a face with mom finally!

And tomorrow Ill drop her off in the city and then start planning my weekend in Philly!

Oh and BTW.....
Happy birthday to Kim!!!!;)

(This is the illusive Kim who never allows her picture to be taken so sorry Kim, I'm having to revert to what I have!  You eating fish - but its you eating fish on Sardinia in Italy:).....
happy birthday dear dear friend!!!!! Thanks for a million billion adventures together, for a trillion minutes you've wasted listening to me blather on about inconsequential things, countless times you took the time to point me in the right direction when I didn't know where to go, and always making sure I remembered to do everything in God and through God and for God!  You're the bestest kind of friend and you deserve the bestest kind of birthday!

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