Saturday, August 16, 2014


Fanny (pronounced Fawny) is a girl that I know from Hungary.  She finished up high school this past year and passed her TOEFLs and has now come, for the first time, to the US to go to Moody in Chicago.

I got to be her welcoming committee and pick her up at the airport.  Its hard picking internationals up as most of the time, the ones I know, don't have phones so its like you're back in the 80s doing the "hope you find them" thing.  

Her flight landed at 3:20 pm and by 4:30, I was honestly starting to panic.  She didnt actually come out until about 5:30.  I don't think I would have known what to do if she hadnt of shown up, but thank God she did and, thank God, we found each other!

Tomorrow I bring her down to Moody and get her into her room.  She actually came with nothing but a suitcase with clothes so I'm sure well need to make a stop for some basics.  She starts her orientation classes on Monday.

Oh and - "puszi"... "Kiss"!  It's a Hungarian greeting of, I suppose you'd call it, affection or closeness.


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