Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 5 - First Full Day

A little dreary this morning to start off with - but that was just weather-wise :)
I got to be back at beloved Corvinus for English classes!  Like home!

We did three English classes back to back in the morning.  We walk in and do our intros and our trivia questions that lead to candy being thrown at the victory question answerers!  And then breaking up into small groups just to talk English.

Our first class, God started me off with a nice little surprise!  We broke into our small groups for English and one of the girls in the group looked familiar to me (again - but I always figure its some fake deja vu thing), we all go through everyone's name (there were 4 in the group) and then the girl at the end says "Anna.  You were in my high school two years ago"  My mind did this little blast thing and I remembered her!  I have to dig, but I'm pretty sure that I have a picture of me with her group somewhere - and its funny because I don't usually take pictures of me with the students that I have the small groups with.  What a God thing :)  Because talking to the FEK people who have worked with high school for a long time and then transferred to the university ministry, they say they've never really run into the same students at both levels.  Funny - I'm only here one week out of a year and I wind up bumping into the same students on trams, in classrooms and at outreaches.  God is pretty cool about stuff like that.  I'm sending an email to her tonight to invite her to Thanksgiving because I don't think its a coincidence that we're seeing each other again.  
Please pray that Anna comes!

This is our group - minus Bryan who is taking the picture.  Andras, in the blue shirt, worked with the high school ministry for many years and is now transitioning to the university ministry.  Its kind of different having him working with us, but fun.  Dave and Leslie have come to BHHP for several years (Leslie more than Dave and we've been coming for about the same amount of time).

In classrooms and the second picture is us broken up into small groups for speaking English.

This is the student survival kit this year - a pretty nice folder with literature inside.  And its pretty neat that it has a map on the back.

The different colored tags indicate the universities.  The blue tags are the BME University where we were the first night for dorm outreach.  I think they're the technical school.  The yellow dots are Corvinus which is the business school and the green dots are I believe the education school  The red dot is where FEK has their weekly students meetings.  Its a pretty cool folder.

And this is Geraldina.  You can pray for her.  We stopped at her table and asked her to do the survey and then we asked, on a scale of 1 - 10 if she could find out about how to have a personal relationship with God, how interested would she be.  Without hesitation she said "10".  So we asked if she wanted us to share with her what the Bible says about a relationship with God and she said "please".  And then Flora took it as Geraldina's English was a little rusty.  
We sat there with her for about 45 minutes going through the Gospel and reading through sections of the Bible and I don't think I've every experienced someone who was more "into" the conversation than Geraldina.  She had a billion questions and her phone rang twice and she didn't even look she just turned it off.  Then she said that she has many many more questions and she wants to meet with Flora to talk more.  She said that from what was said she knows that she has to make a decision about a personal relationship with God but she just is not sure what her decision would be - but then she said - can you believe she said this - she said that she knows that by not making a decision, that she's made a decision.  Crazy.  So - she friend Flora on Facebook and she's going to put her questions together and then meet with Flora and she wants to talk more about God.
Flora is also going to invite Geraldina to Thanksgiving...
Pray that Geraldina comes! :)

Flora and I had a few moments alone together so it was great to see her and connect.  She gave me some of my favorite (cheap cheap cheap but delicious) Hungarian wine and made me one very very happy friend!

And then we went to the university meeting that they have weekly.  Tonight they did, as they usually do, their EQ talk on Emotional Intelligence.  All the 4 personality types and all.  There was a pretty good turn out and quite a few students that people had met earlier in the week which is great.  

We ended up leaving early tonight because we have a really early morning tomorrow!  We have to drive to Vac (Vahtz) and we leave at 7.  Its about an hour drive out there and I'm so excited to be able to go back after about 3 years.  The outside high schools are so much more open than the city ones as all the Hungarian students are so excited to meet Americans!
Please pray that we have energy and that we meet some great kids!
And then tomorrow night we have a free night so I'm going to show a couple from my home area around the city a little so they can see some of the sights!

It was a great 5th day!

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