Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 7 - Great Day! Final Day!

 Its the 7th and last day of classes.  I haven't even been here ALL week and my brain is fried.  But I love it!  You seriously do so many English classes that you get to the end of the day and you can't even remember how to speak English.  We had six classes today that were great!  Two of them were not great English so we really had to pull it out of them.  The others were advanced enough that conversations were pretty great.

We start with introductions, all of us tell where we're from and a little about ourselves.
We the usually move on to a game.  This year I wasn't crazy about the game, but doing the game with Brittni today made more sense because she explained it really well.  Its this game where you chose an X or a Y and then you have teams and theres scoring and all.  Long and short the game topic is supposed to be on decision making and how it takes trust and communication to make good decisions and when things done't go according as planned, you reactions are important too.  Its like a life lesson game and its a way for us to have a conversation topic - but honestly I usually just spend the time getting to know things about the students like where they're from and what they like to do in their free time.

I love that the classes are taught British English so sometimes their phrasing is different or they don't understand how we're asking something.  This is the perfect example of the impractical "English" they learn!  "All right, mate?" :)

And here was my team today - Brittni is full time with Cru from Texas (she's the one NOT in the Texas shirt), Issy is full time Cru and is FROM Budapest (she's the one IN the Texas shirt), Kelly lives in Budapest and is full time with Cru but she's from the US but has lived in Hungary for about 27 years.  She's Jodi's mom, the friend that I'm staying with.

This is decision making in action during the game - there were three group of two and at this part the whole team had to come together to make a decision about whether they were putting X or Y.

And here's a small group - we break up into these smaller groups and just do conversational English.  Vicki - the girl with the reddish hair - is a non-stop talker.  She's hilarious.  She kept on saying "I'm sorry I'm talking so much - oh - I have one more thing to tell you!"  I loved it - made me laugh....

And this was the school we were at - my first time.  Its in Budafolk which is kind of in the hills on the outskirts of the city.  Its where the Fisherman's Bastillion and Castle Hill area are.

And as we were going to the dorm event - couldn't help but laugh over some great "Hungarian Broadway" musicals going on!

Leslie and I broke off from the group and we ended up going over and checking into our apartment with our luggage.  I opted not to spend the night there tonight and just came back to Jodis as I didn't feel like going all the way back across the river even though the beds are very cozy and it would be nice to be by myself and brain-unwind.  Leslie and I plan on shopping and getting the turkey tomorrow and its more this area by Jodi so - works out better.

And then we headed over to the high school outreach - the topic tonight...
Seriously :)  They had a panel discussion and the talk was focussed on love and relationship = happiness?  My newlywed friends Flora and Atti were not the panel and then a few other who were dating and married.  It was all in Hungarian but apparently very good - and they did present the gospel through the whole thing.  I know that the students thought it was great and had a lot of questions for a lot of individual afterwards regarding relationships - which is great, because from what I've witnessed, parents don't really talk about their teens about those sorts of things in Hungary.  Whatever they do is their decision and so they don't really get guidance - and the truth is, I can see they really want it.  And thats why its great that FEK is there - among many other reasons! :)

Brittni who was on our English team today, is super charged and she just gets all the girls up there dancing after the whole program is done and most of the group has moved into the other room for snacks.  They were all up there dancing for about 30 minutes - hilarious.  They were even doing "Achy Breaky" dancing - I haven't heard that in literally ions!

Thanks for praying for a great week - we're done with all the FEK outreach.  Just pray that the others have a great time touring Budapest and relaxing and that the final night dinner goes well with the staff.  
And pray that Leslie and I don't freak out prepping for Thanksgiving and that we actually enjoy putting things together!

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