Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 6 - In Vac - Day In Pictures

I was up before 6 today and just got back home at 10pm.  So - todays blog is basically pictures.  It was a great day connecting with students and sharing in a lot of different ways!  

A group of our English students at Vac.  Its about an hour outside of Budapest and its right on the Danube.

A few of our English classes.

A view from one of our English classrooms - the beautiful Danube...

We all liked this poster that some of the girls in one of the English classes created :)

The Hungarian flag flying outside of our great Hungarian school!  Great teachers and great students!  Very friendly and just lovely!

Our English "Team" for the day.

Went downtown Vac to meet students for pizza... just some sights...

This is the pizza place we went to - its like in a cave - pretty cool, but it did smell a bit musty and moldy...

And the back to Budapest for a free evening where I took Cory and Abby around the town - they're from Chicago too so I wanted to make sure my home town fellow BHHPers had a great time seeing the city!   We started with Parliament!

Then I had to show them the shoes on the Danube... a memorial to the Jews who were killed there during the war.

Backlit by Parliament...

And then up by the Freedom Statue - in the pouring rain - but still worth seeing it.
Thanks still for praying!
Big high school outreach tomorrow night so a lot of the students we've met during the week may show up to just see us or to attend the event.  Please pray!

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