Friday, October 24, 2014

So Happy!

After a long 14 hour flight, but pleasantly seated next to a little girl (well, started pleasant but then she wound up with her feet on my lap and slapping me in the face as she flailed around during sleep).  It was actually a really nice family from the states who had adopted this little girl from China about 4 years ago and now they were on their way back to adopt the little girls sister who is 2.  But here's the interesting and intriguing thing - both of the girls are, I guess you'd call them albinos.  The little girl sitting by me had this beautiful long white hair and she wore sunglasses most of the time but when she took them off her eyes were almost pupil-less.  She was an absolute sweetie though and was so excited to get her sister.  If I had to sit crammed in with people on a flight to Beijing - God couldn't have given me better seatmates!

And then Julie was texting me while I was in the eternal line for my visa, saying Eli was jumping up and down shouting my name... Which always makes a girl feel good to have someone jumping up and down and shouting her name:). And so this was the first wonderfully excited face I saw running at me when I came out!

And - ah- to be back in Beijing!  Take a deep breath of that beautiful fall air!  Oh wait - do you feel like dying today?  I believe the pollution levels are at some of their highest rates today.  And this was at around 4pm

But jasper came equipped with his slick new filter!

After our first Wedema (coffee) stop.  It was then across the bridge to the lovely street vendors where all I could really handle was something my mouth has been watering for!

And now, a melatonin later - I'm back in my good old room and ready to catch up on some much needed sleep!

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