Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quick Prayer Request Update

Just a quick update...
It definitely was a God-dorm last night!  

There was a guy, Tommy, who came to the event last night and ended up pulling one of the FEK guys aside and an American guy ended up going as well which was good.  Tommy ended up talking to them because he's having some major health issues that are causing him to leave school and, long and short, he's pretty broken and humbled.  He's struggling and needed to talk so they listened and Dave ended up meeting him again this morning and taking him to the train.  They've connected him with some friends up in Debrence where he's from.  And he's really struggling because he's always been strong and independent and now he's - well, not able to do that.

Please pray for him as he needs healing - in his body and his heart!

Szia!  Off to University English classes!

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