Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To Eat Him Up Or Not To Eat Him Up?!

Just looking at that face - can you tell why I'm having a dilemma?!
Its the Jasper dilemma - is it really really wrong to want to eat an adorable little boy clean up?!

Jasper is seriously the cutest, sweetest kid ever!  Ok, Eli is too, but first we'll deal with Jasper.  He can be a little bit moody and he likes to play so much that when it comes time to do school its hard for him to concentrate and so he gets frustrated and you have to make him just slow down and think through things.  But all of that is outweighed by the fact that he'll just come up to you, out of the blue, and put his arms around you for no reason and give you the biggest hug and smile and tells you he loves you.  And then your heart does this melty thing and you'd do just about anything for him but you know the reason he did that was not to get anything, but just because he's a happy sweetheart!

And then he says the most adorable things!  Tonight alone - two within 30 minutes!
He's pretty laid back about stuff and, sorry Julie :( just hasn't really expressed that much that he's missed his mom and dad.  Tonight Eli was having a little missing session but I wasn't sure as he just laid down on the couch and closed his eyes.  When I asked what was wrong, he said he was ok but he was just missing his mom and dad tonight.  He then got up and walked to the bathroom, leaving Jasper with me who looked up at me and said "I don't miss my mom and dad at all!" in the most casual, bright voice.  It was actually just the funniest thing ever the way he was just so natural about it.  I know he just means that he knows they're coming home on Friday and he's had a pretty good time so - you can't hold the not missing against him if you're his parent!  Right?! :)

Shower time and I was helping him wash off.  I ended up taking off my running shoes so I could step in the shower and get the shower handle and when I did, I'm ashamed, but my feet were a little dirty from my shoes.  Jasper said how he knew all the dirt came off him because it was on the shower and I admitted that it was probably my feet (which I did wash right then and there :).  We were then discussing how I should or should not just get in the shower then and there and he commented that if I did then I wouldn't have to take a shower in the morning.  I told him I'd have to take one anyways because I usually get kind of hot at night and end up getting sweaty (true confessions....)
So the boys get in bed and we're talking about prayer requests and then Jasper says that he wants to pray.  He prays for everything and then adds
"And God please help Ali to not get much sweaty tonight!  Amen"
Its really hard not to laugh in front of kids when they're being so sincere but its honestly just the cutest/funniest thing ever....
And now can you understand why I want to eat my little Jasper up in one big gulp!  Besides Julie, I think I'm his biggest fan ever!

But I can't forget about my other buddy, Eli.  Eli is adorable in his own rights, but he's a really sensitive, compassionate little boy and that his claim to fame.  He cares deep about things and he gets super excited about things.  He's the one who was so anticipating my coming and was just over the moon elated when I got here and ran to greet me.  Today, we went to Starbucks and just hung out together while Jasper was at soccer.  Eli and I ended up having some really good conversations throughout the day just about life and feelings and things.  He's a super smart boy and will just, out of the blue, ask you how you're doing or if he can help you with anything.  He's the one who sure to follow the rules and make sure everyone else does as well.  He's like a little policeman but you know its just because he's a really good kid who wants to do whats right.

Julie and Zach have done an amazing job with both boys.  They are funny and smart and pretty independent.  They let them think for themselves but they've taught them respect and kindness.  They talk through things with them and help them draw their own conclusions about life but then they balance it all with what God says and how God wants them to live and how God loves them and how God loves people - and you put all those things together and you can understand why they're great kids who really care about other people and who understand right and wrong (most of the time :).  And its such a great thing to experience when you have two kids who are just so enjoyable and absolutely inspiring to be around.  I love their love and their wonder and their happiness - and I know that they're simply little mirrors of everything that Julie and Zach have taught them and shown them and it makes me love the whole family even more!

I did bring "big blue" with me so I'm wondering if I threw some candy in, if I could get at least one of the boys to come home with me.  Julie has two so maybe she wouldn't even notice if one were missing.... Hmmm.....

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