Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Find Your Better Half In Thailand

Busy, but fun day today!

An early early morning that found us all in the car and going to school for international day.  Jonathan's country was Cuba.  Every student was assigned a different country and they had to have a display board and then a food and/or an artifact.  This is what we made the mango bread for (which was amazingly delicious!)

We hung out at the playground for a while after the classroom visit.

And then we headed to the mall because Rachel needed to go to IKEA.  Ah - IKEA!  I couldn't wait to see what Thai people do at IKEA.

The answer to that is ...
Nothing but shop!
No napping on the sofas!

The beds were all well made and unoccupied 

In fact, the only ones who were laying on their backsides on the displays - were us!

So boring!:(

So we had to go over to have some fun at the ice rink!  It's FROZEN fever with my little buddy Sarah so we had to do our own version of Elsa and - whatever the other ones name is!

We skated for a while with our skating helper Mr Penquin.  We took a break....

And then went again!

We bought some sparkly shoes!

And then headed home to meet the a school bus and hang out with some neighborhood friends!

A full, happy day that included tacos...

Amusing bathroom signs:)

Ice cream (btw - this is how to distract babies from their moms!)  Play lands!  Friends!  Air conditioning!!!!!!

Oh - and head gashes due to springless trunks!

One way or another - I'm makin memories in Thailand!

Oh - and if you ever need to find yourself a girl or a guy to share your life with....
Just come to the shoe stores in Thailand!

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