Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm A Little Behind (excuse the pun)

I've been naughty and haven't posted any of my exciting adventure which, they actually have been exciting!

I was back on the road again last week for a conference in Denver (where I saw NONE of the city as we were in the conference hall - but been there done that before so no loss.  Denver is a nice city to visit if interested).  I actually got to meet up with my friend Patti and attend an event at her church the night before I left.

Then I got home and did some office meetings Thursday morning and met Sean to go to this opera at the Lyric that I had really been wanting to see called The Passenger.  It was written back in the 50s but no one wanted to perform it due to subject.  It was based on a true story.  About a woman who was an as guard at Auschwitz and it's like 5 or so years after the war and she's on a cruise with her husband and thinks she sees this woman who was in the concentration camp.  It was a pretty good opera - ended a little strange - felt unconcluded.  But the music and all was good!  The staging was awesome!

Oh - and the company was even better!:)

Right now it's Monday morning in the U.S. And I'm passing time blogging while sitting on a plane in Tokyo waiting to go to Bangkok.  I had about an hour between flights (13 hours from Chicago and now another 7!  Sheesh!) so was able to hit the ladies room (the little behind pun now comes into play:).  I LOVE Japanese toilets!  They're so high text and unassuming - God forbid you ever let anyone know you actually use the toilet!

So you have all these options ... Music, scent, rinsing... oh - and the seats are always heated to just the right temp!  No cold butt shock in this country!!!!  

Right by my gate was a cafe so I got to get a quick Gyoza!  Love it - and it's always way better in Japan!

Now another 7 hours!  At least I'm on another aisle and another bulkhead so no one puts their seat back in my lap!!!!

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