Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thank You!

I'm not sure what time I'll have today so I'm taking a few minutes...
Rachel is walking to school to do a drop off with the last two remaining kids and I stayed back to finish hanging laundry and tidy up a bit so Mike isn't flabbergasted by the remnants of a hurricane when he returns.  We got a new mattress pad from IKEA yesterday too so I put that on along with the new sheets from Melanie!:). I washed them before I left home so they smell fabric sheet fresh:)!

We're headed to the hotel this afternoon for a weekend of splashing in a saltwater pool (indoor and outdoor!).  Sleep in air conditioning and order room service!!  I figured they all deserved a little break and I love that I can give it to them!  What kid doesn't enjoy a weekend in a hotel pool!  

Rach is also going to try to find more butterfly bandaids for the wound from my trunk attack!:).  What a great story for a scar -- I was mauled by a springless trunk in Thailand!

And I need to thank all of you so much for the notes you sent!  It makes me so happy to look at the pile that Rach is slowly going through and smiling at!  You have blessed them and you've surely blessed me!  Thank you for not thinking "I can just send an email!" Because an email is not a note that you actually thought about and took the time to write with your hand and a pen!  Extra special! Thank you thank you!

Now back to hot house chores!  Next post - from the pool!

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