Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two Hot Days Down!

And I'm not counting how many are left because I don't want the time to go any faster than it is!

Monday was my first day here - it was just adjusting and survival in the heat.  Rach and I just sat around unpacking all day and catching up.  We went down to the corner and picked up dinner from a little place  - of course rice:). And then a stir fry that was excellent!  Then bed not long after.

Tuesday - today  - we brought Sarah to school and then took the baby to the hospital for her shots.  It was cool to see inside the hospital that they go to as it is a hodgepodge of nationalities because it's a tourist hospital.  

There's a specific section that you go to just for baby shots.

After, you go out to pay and they have these amusing little sealed cups of water you can take.

We then ate lunch and got coffee (love their drink carry "bags")

and then let the baby play in a play area while we just sat and caught up on life.

My favorite was the little toilet in the bathroom but there was no indication of what it was until you swung the door open on the adult sized stall and were greeted by this mini toilet...

We then picked Sarah up from school.

And headed home to make Mango bread for international day at school tomorrow!

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