Friday, March 20, 2015

This Is My Excited Face!

These are the faces that you get when you put a kid in a ball pit!

Yesterday we left the normal and the heat of home and went downtown to an air conditioned,  kids zoned, fabulous pooled, in room dinnered hotel!

After school pick ups we headed with luggage and kids to the Sky Train where we travelled downtown and to our hotel (sounds easy but it was quite long, hot and tedious... In fact, were probably just doing a taxi home!).

We excitedly explored the hotel, taking a quick peak at the pool...

spending some time in the kids room playing...

And then off to the rooftop pool!

We all got nice and tired and headed back to the tool where we ordered room service and then some of us got in the
tub and waited for the dinner arrival which we then ate while watching tv.

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