Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday - A Morning Snorkle at Sandy Spit


 We had anchored for the night at Sandy Spit which is across from Tortolla. Its this litte tiny island thats just in the middle of the ocean. Its beautiful. Waking up with the sunshine and the going to the front of the boat to do morning yoga with the wind blowing and the sun just grazing the sky. From all the snorkeling, some of us had gotten some blisters and so we equipped our feet with moleskin in hopes of combatting further blistering.


 Slapping on the fins, most of the group took off in the water to visit the small beach and explore.


 Late morning, we pulled up the anchor and headed out for Norman Island which was about a 3-4 hour sail away. It was our first day tacking which meant that we would go up one way and grab wind and then have to turn the boat and flip the sails to catch wind the other way - we did this about four or five times. It was peaceful just laying on the trampoline, talking and watching the sails blow.


 Pulling into Norman Island, we were about the second boat in this little cove area that ended up with four boats by the end of the evening. It was a peaceful cove area where you could hear the waves lapping up against the rocks. We once again took out the snorkle gear and jumped into the water to explore the shoreline. We saw a ton of conch shells and what was even funnier is that several of them were being invaded by crabs in other conch shells that were just looking for new homes so we saw the crabs trying to crawl into the empty shells. One of them I wrestled the crab underwater for and came up with a nice pink shell that I plan to take home. Kate and I made dinner so we swam back, "showered" off and then made turkey chili while Laurie made our rum drinks and Jane split open the coconut that we had gotten off the tree on Salt Island one of the first days.


 We finished drinks and dinner up and saw the sun setting in the distance - way over the other islands - such a peaceful scene....


 And then we finished the night off with more chatting and even end of the day massages from Helen.


Goodnight moon! Goodbye Friday :(

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