Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday - A Day In Port


Tropical Storm Emily put us back into the port our little catamaran came from - ProValor Charter back in Fat Hogs Bay, Tortola. The weather pattern goes wave, depression, storm and then hurricane so - we didn't go all the way, but we had some pretty good weather in our bay. You can see, the morning brought the sun again, but mixed with waves and rain. We decided to wait the weather out until the weather advisory had cleared at 8pm Tuesday evening. So, we gathered our options for a day on land. We decided to motor to shore and do a little 4 mile hike up and over the top of the island and back down to our bay. It was hot, but it could have been worse and it was nice get the heart rate going on some of the really steep hills.


 We started off on the main road and were immediately overtaken by a flock of island sheep, newly shaved and bahing their way through the town.


 We hiked up hills and down -- all in search of some ideal spot to eat our gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Along the way we encountered some nice BVIers who were picking "ginnup", they offered to share and we encountered a new Caribbean taste. They had this hard shell on the outside that you bit and cracked and then out popped this slimy little fruit that felt kind of like an eyeball but tasted sweet, nothing like I imagine eyeballs would taste like. There was a rather large seed in the middle that you had to work out and spit out!


 We walked up some more hills, past some very unique scenery...


 And then we got to the top and saw some wonderful views.


 And then we discovered there was a dead end, and we all had to turn around and hike back down again...


Again - more beautiful views.


 We got back by the marina and, after over a 4 mile hike, we finally found a place to eat lunch - at the marina!


 Since we couldn't really go out of the cove area because of the high winds, a few of us attempted to go out and find some place to snorkel.


 Things didn't go as planned and no spot was found, but we had lost a coffee cup earlier during the breakfast clean up (we have to do our dishes off of the back of the boat and we were warned not to lose any dishes)

  DSCN3933, we decided to go back to the boat and start a competition to see who the first person is who could find the coffee cup. One of the woman on the trip is a masseuse and so we all put it on the line that the first person to find the cup would get a massage!


 We snorkeled for quite some time, but it was no go and no one was a massage winner. However, we had bought some lovely Mango Rum and Pineapple juice and so, as soon as we had cleaned up, the bar was open!


 We had dinner and a great drink and watched the sun set in the west, over our neighbors, the "Seal" freighters.


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