Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday - Debbie Downer Says "This Is Our Last Day...." :(

 Saturday :(  Our very own Debbie Downer (aka Laurie) had pointed out a few days before that our trip was almost done, so by my reason of deduction, I concluded that Saturday would mean that it was the last day of our trip - ergo, I became the Debbie Downer of the trip in my own head.  Sad.

The picture above was our Friday night stay - pulling out in the morning.

The picture below was our Saturday morning excursion which we tried to hit early as its another hot-spot.  Its called The Indians.  Its this group of rock formations kind of off by themselves.  We got to the spot and pulled up to a buoy, had breakfast and then geared up and dived in to snorkle The Indians.  There was a soft coral area around the base and we even saw a group of scuba divers down below us.

We took off around 11 and then we went to our next point, Peter's Island.  Here is Laurie helping with the anchor.  We have to find a sandy spot and then kind of signal the boat "driver" to where the area is that we want to anchor.  Then, once we drop the anchor, we put out it by about 25 feet at a time and then let it kind of settle and signal which way the chain is dropping.  Very interesting stuff.

We ate lunch and once again geared up to snorkle around the reef area of Peters Island.  We also were able to come into the shore and hike around a little.

All along the rocky shore area, there were lines of rocks that people who had visited had left.  We of course added our contribution.

The monkeys of Peter Island :)


 The rock skippers are at it again!  Kate and her great arm and Jane and her main swing.
 Sunset over Peter Island.

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