Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday - The Baths


Thursday was our day of Zen... I LOVE the Baths in Virgin Gourda so I was so excited to be able to go back and explore them some more with friends. We started the morning early as the Baths is one of the most popular places in the Virgin Islands (its supposed to be the most photographed place for Playboy swimsuit shots... in case you wanted to know that :)). Jane, our fearless captain knew that if we didn't get there early enough we wouldn't get a buoy to hitch onto and we couldn't stay if we didn't have that. So, at around 6 a.m., we started the engine up and backed the boat out and raised the sails.


 The sun was just peaking over the mountains where we had been anchored the night before. Kate took the wheel this time and the rest of us helped with the sails and then just kind of mulled around deck with coffee in hand.


 We pulled up to the beach at the Baths around 7ish and were the first one to pull up a buoy. It didn't take long for other sailboats to surround us and pull buoys themselves.


Super Captain Kate who had been at the wheel, then donned her apron and went down to prepare our breakfast.


 We took the dihgny to shore for our first excursion, a hike through the Baths. This turned out to be quite an adventure for me as Jane and Gaye, our fearless leaders, abscounded with my camera for the opportunity to be able to share some shots of me on this trip. Enjoy the following snaps of hiking, climbing, and yoga...


 Jane wanted to get out of the area to let another boat that had been circling a chance to pull up to a buoy. We set sail again and were on the water for about 3 hours with our sails up and Kate, our yogi, at the wheel. It was such a peaceful sail, the wind wasn't too hard and we just clipped along at a nice pace. Most of us just sat around talking and Kate and I had a good hour or two just chatting on the back of the boat with our feet in the water. Admittedly, my knees and the top of my feet got a little toasted, but its all good. I plan to come back nice and brown so everyone will have to ask me where I've been - its not a vacation if people don't as you where you've been! We went to Cay Garden Bay, a little town on Tortolla. We came because there is a guy from the US who came down and started a glass blowing business and is apprenticing the locals to help them earn income. He uses old glass so he recycles. It was pretty cool watching him.


 A walk a little way farther down the road and we were headed to the island rum distillery -- we had to get a tour of that!


 Then we headed back to the boat to take off for our last evening stop. But on the way....


I decided that I may just try to move to BVI to become the campaign manager for this guy. I have like a million better slogans for his campaign! Seriously! Try "We All Win With Walwyn" or "Why Run With Myron?!" I guess they're not known for their creativity in the BVI? We headed back to the boat for our next days adventure!


 However, nature had one little last adventure in store for me... While pulling into our next port, my hair was blowing around in the wind and I thought some of it blew into my ear so I went to pull it out. But, it turns out it was some kind of big bug. Well, when I went to put my finger in to pull out the "hair" the bug ended up stinging me and then continued to crawl into my ear. I was trying to get someone to get it out, and I had my finger trying to close my ear up from the base so it couldn't crawl down. Thats one of my worst nightmares since the Wrath of Khan movie in the Star Trek series. Laurie ended up having alcohol (in fact she had just told someone that if they ever got a bug in their ear they should pour alcohol in - she was prepared for me!) and then Kate used my tweezers to pull the stinger out. It hurt so dog gone bad and everyone was so great trying to make sure I was ok. Helen did some massage trick thingy on my ear and it helped and Cindy, the nurse, ran and got ice. It was better by the end of the evening, but I was so mad at that stupid bug! And this is where it happened -- on the trampolene of the boat right off Sandy Spit -- but thats a location for another day....


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