Saturday, August 13, 2011

What $100 And Good Genetics Can Do For Your Ego

Yesterday, I had an "eek" Welcome Back meeting at the office. It wasn't really a formal welcome back, but it was a mental welcome back for me. It was one of those mundane, but intense meetings that drone on and on and seem pointless after a while. I had part of the presentation and it was frustrating to me as I had a whole slew of slides that walked through everything that needed to be known for training, but I started the first slide and then it led to an onslaught of questions that I finally had to comment that if I would be allowed to proceed to the next slide, the questions would be answered in a viable succession and would lead to a better understanding of the topic. I said it in a pretty nice way, I think - no one cried or gave me dirty looks so, I'm pretty proud of myself that I didn't snap :) Its my pet peeve when people don't let you get through your presentation AND THEN ask you questions.

Anyways - the meeting was in our office but it was for one of our customers and so they came in to us. As such, I felt the need to dress up a tad more than my capris or Athleta-wear. However, as I wear pants (or as my dad used to call them, overalls :)) all the time, I opted for one of my less used skirts.

So, you know how sometimes you buy one thing that you use the heck out of or that is just one of those things that makes you feel good and thing - the money I spent was well worth it! I have a couple of pieces in my closet that are like that. I pick it up because it makes me feel good, maybe its on sale, maybe its not. I have to admit that most of the "not on sale" piece turn out to be the ones that I wear and wear and go with anything and are complimented all the time.

So is the case with my Thursday meeting shoes. I buy a lot of clothes that tend to go in my once a year closet and don't get brought out again so I'll bring them over to the Upscale Resale shop in Libertyville to get rid of them. While they're going through what they want to take, I'll usually browse around the shop, never really buying anything as I admit I have a little issue with wearing clothes that someone else that I don't know has worn. I've only ever bought a couple of pieces from a resale shop. Three to be exact. It has to be an amazing label and a great price. One piece was a black leather jacket that felt like silk and was brand new - I got it in a resale shop in Manhattan for like $125 and it was a brand name that I can't remember but was a really good deal.

Upscale Resale is in Libertyville and because its Libertyville, a lot of times, they'll get some really good Kate Spade purses in that I'll zero in on. So my one ultimate buy was what I coupled with my skirt on Thursday. I was in Upscale one time, browsing around when my radar honed in on a pair of almost new Manolo Blahnik shoes - MY SIZE - FOR $100! I mean, seriously! Manolos are usually about $500- $1000 and here they were, bottoms hardly worn, beautiful heels not dented, calling my name for $100! I snatched those babies up and haven't looked back since!

Here's the thing that has amazed me. I've brought some pretty great shoes in my time. I have ones that I've just died over and I have gotten compliments on them a few times. However, EVERY time --- EVERY TIME -- I wear my Manolos I have people bee-lining to me and saying in awe "those shoes are amazing!" Which, to me, it really does prove that you buy a good pair of shoes and its evident. I think there is a difference between a $50 pair and a (in my case $100) $500 pair. Not that I'm advocating that we all run out and throw our $50 shoes to buy $500 shoes - I'm just saying, I think the difference really is there.

Anyways, yesterday was no exception. However, the twist was yesterday - the attention was focussed on my legs. Or should I say, what I think, are my family's legs -- Askew that is. From what has been told and what I've seen, Grandpa Askew had great legs and so did Uncle Don. I think, like I got those shoes from someone else, my legs came from, well, definitely God, but also my family. Right from the beginning of the day I had people at work following me asking me what I did to my legs. Then I would come out from the conference room and people would say, come here Alison, folllowed by a "darn, they were right - your legs are hot!" They were all convinced that I had done something and wouldn't believe when I said that I had the same legs, it was the shoes. Like, what could I have done to my legs - I had just worn a skirt the day before, but with flats and no one said a thing. Crazy people.

I went home to find a picture of Uncle Don or Grandpa with their legs exposed and couldn't locate one to prove my point. Admittedly, I do think that running helps shape them, but I have good genetics to begin with. And then there are the magic shoes... :) They are the best ego boost that I've ever bought for $100 - I need to wear them more often! I even had my CEO tell me "you did a great job in the presentation!" even after I had told him and the customer to be quiet and let me finish my presentation - I owe that to my Manolos because my CEO doesn't usually tell me "great job".

 My Manolos are amazing magic shoes and I never regret the $100 that I spent on those wonderful little yummies!  SO - my lesson learned here is, sometimes, its worth it to splurge a little if you're buying something quality and if it gives you a little boost -- SOMETIMES.  Please don't look for regular Manolo Blahnik purchases in my future...

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Hi Alison! I wanted to stop by and thank you for the gorgeous postcard of the old couple in Poland. I really love it! Such a sweet image.

I have enjoyed looking around your blog. You have taken some amazing trips! How fortunate that you can travel so much. I would love to do the same!

Thanks again :)