Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 2 - Cluj, Romania

It's Sunday in Romania.

This morning we are at a small church (I believe it's possibly a Baptist church) and the Eliberare leader, Ryan, is preaching and then they are doing a short presentation on human trafficking.  It's a little odd as there's no nursery - call me American - and were sitting here in the midst of a small room full of people with screaming babies and talking/roaming toddlers and middle school children who are frequenting the bathroom and the drinking fountain.  It's very distracting - but the Romanians don't seem to pay notice so .... I'm trying not to but, it is very distracting.

Driving here, you can't help but notice churches everywhere.  I believe most of them are orthodox.  You drive through the town and here orthodox mass coming out over loudspeakers.  

The group went on to an early afternoon church service while I opted to go back to the flat and mentally prep for the week (aka eat, relax and nap).
Around 4 I met them all at the mall and then Ioana and I walked around the downtown area.

This is the Theatre - Arts building.

This is Emi Nescu, the most famous Romanian poet - at least thats what Ioana tells me :)

Old city walls and castle...

Again, an evening meeting for the group with a small group and I once again opted to go back to the flat.  Ioana and are planning to have all the guys over for breakfast tomorrow and so I started cleaning up and cutting up fruit and getting stuff ready.  

I think I'm mentally ready for BHHP and it will be nice to stay with Jodi so I get down time at night.  Sometimes it is hard being in a room with someone you just met and never having privacy after a really long day where you're mentally exhausted.  Sometimes you get a great new friend and other times, its just someone who you feel awkward around. So - I'm quite happy being with Jodi and knowing well be good just doing our own thing but having some chat time as this is usually the only time each year we get to see each other.

So - you can all pray for me tomorrow afternoon as I drive back from Cluj.  7 hours on that two lane road and I won't have anyone to say "Alison - don't be stupid by passing that truck!:)". I'm gonna have to count in myself to chose my life over saving some time!  Thanks in advance for prayers!

Oh - this is a shout out for Mark Putman!  YOU'RE GOING TO THE WRONG COUNTRY FOR MISSIONS TRIPS!  You need to hit Romania because apparently - its so abundant they just throw your liquid gold on the streets here!

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