Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Have I Missed

The end of the Door weekend!  More cars leaving the island than Ive ever ever seen!  The line for the ferry was unending!  We were talking to some ferry workers who had said that they normally run like 15-20 ferries a day - and they were running about 60 that day.  Crazy!  But we still made it back in time for Brittany to catch her flight so all was good.

And the sad end to a happy weekend - one cherry upside down pie:(. Still tastes as good as a right side up one though!

A quick trip to Amarillo, Texas...

Need I say more about Amarillo, Texas...

And a long awaited trip to the Field Museum!  This exhibit has been running since last September and even before it started Kim and I were saying we HAD to go.  I guess we thought the most exciting time to attend would be the weekend it closed - after running for a year.  Note to those of you who missed - dont cry, it wasnt really that great.  It was more about the creation of the Field Museum as opposes to the Worlds Fair.

But - there were plenty of memory rushes I had as I haven't been there in a while.

I think everyone remembers Bushman - whether at Lincoln Park Zoo or at the Field!  Personally - I only remember him at the Field:)

And then there are those man eating lions they killed in Africa - they killed 140 people!  Crazy!  And if you want to know more about them you can watch "The Ghost In the Darkness".  I remember seeing these right after that movie came out.

And there's SUE!

And there's nothing like walking down the stairs to the basement and getting hit with that fresh smell of hot plastic that can only come from a Mold-a-Rama!  You can't buy memories like those - but if you pay $21 you can go see them for yourself!:)

And this week I'm in Rocky Mount (that's MOUNT - Not MOUNTAIN!) NC.  I'm staying with Marty and Wayne as they're only about two hours.  
And this is Nathanael.  Apparently, I'm being told that all the "cool kids" have this look.....

I personally think he's confused "cool kids" with 80 year old men from Boca Raton - but that's just what I think and being said - I'm definitely not a "cool kid"!:). Yes - he wore this extremely rockin style out on the town when we went for dinner - it's just that cool!

After dinner Marty brought me over to this little town called Saxaphaw where try have this old grocery store and coffee shop and all.  And the building it's all in used to be this factory where they dyed yarn.  They now have this huge hall where you can bring your ping pong paddle (pending you have one...) and play this round robin community style ping pong game.  Crazy!

And every so often you can spot one of the old vats they used to use to dye the yarn.

At account right now finishing up running some tests then I get to go over about an hour from here to your the plant where they manufacture our enzymes for our enzymatic detergents.  It may sound bland but I'm actually kind of excited.

And that's it for Tuesday!

Oh - one more Pict....
I love having a quiet evening out with someone special - and the person they're talking to - and the person you're talking to... 
Yes -I do take random pictures of people who amuse me - you may be next so don't mock me!:)

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