Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday - Day 3 - Breakfast Is Ready!

Good morning from Cluj!  Still here with Ioana and the boys - sounds like a pop group or something.... hmmm...  
Actually - one of the guys who has volunteered from Indiana to help with the Freedom Tour has a band back home.  They've actually recorded about 15 songs I think and they've done some concerts - I actually heard some of their stuff and they're pretty good.  We were joking though as, apparently, the other week, they were at a church that had a special guest musician who is a Romanian pan-piper.. or something like that.  They showed me his picture - he has a greased back mullet and and a suit and is seriously holding his wooden instrument with great conviction.  Since then, I've been determined to get Nathan a panpipe so that he could add that to his group back home.  And I FOUND A PANPIPE!  And not only that, but it has ROMANIA carved on it.  So - he's ready to go and as you can see, we're even working on album covers.  I'd listen!  And if the album was titled "Ioana And the Boys!"  I'd double listen!

I may have mentioned, but this whole 37 day trip for "Ioana And the Boys" is them sleeping in peoples houses from churches and such so - no privacy, no time alone, restaurant eating and otherwise feeling like you're inconveniencing people.  So - Ioana and I decided to make the guys breakfast this morning since we have the flat to ourselves.  We had to do some improvisions as there is no pancake batter or syrup here.  We discovered there are no measuring cups either - at least in this apartment.  So I got a homemade recipe for pancakes from my friend in China (which I think I am ALWAYS going to use now as its AMAZING!) and we found a plastic shake container or something and had to translate cups to centiliters and ounces.  Guessed at the big pat of butter when I needed 1/4 cup and 2 tbs.  Guessed at the other items calling for tbs and tsp.  But - in the end it turned out amazing!  We did scrambled eggs and found these sausages that actually smelled pretty good but - since there were 4 guys, didn't get to try them :)  Its ok.  We did a fruit salad.  I made kind of syrup/compote with blueberries and one with blackberries (which the blueberries we used were HORRIBLE as they were extremely sour - pancakes better without them).  All in all - everyone was well fed and enjoyed a morning where they could just chill out without being in other peoples way and had their meeting in a nice private place without sitting in the middle of a restaurant or something.

And this is what Ioana has to put up with.... 4 guys.... FOUR GUYS!  Do I need to say anything more.  They say things like "oh my word - we lost the van keys!" and then everyone panics and then they're like "hehehehe.... totally joking".  And they're like - "I'll take your picture - I'm really good.  I was actually a professional photographer" and this is what you get....and then a "hehehehe".

Due to that:)... and a few other things, I started tossing around staying another night for Ioana even though I know I was going to miss another morning of BHHP and the group is smaller.  I put out the proverbial fleece and started praying about it and gave myself 30 minutes to decide and at the end of the 30 minutes, I knew I had to stay.  SO - I'm here for another night and I'll leave early tomorrow.  8 or 9.  I should get back to Budapest city by about 3 or 4 which means I'll be there for the evening outreach but I'll miss the morning high school classes.

But I'll get another night with Ioana and be able to be here for her when she needs me.... And right now thats whats important to me....And thats where I'm feeling like God is leading me... And thats why I'm here! :)

They're finishing classes at the high school - I couldn't get in because I hadn't been planned on and theres security so I couldn't see a Romanian high school.  Oh well.  But - I'm off to drive over and meet them at the mall where theres a Starbucks!  I get to be in on their strategic planning meeting!  Get to see Ioana in action - yay!

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