Monday, September 15, 2014

Express To Romania

"Rain boots, whiteboard and some clothes".  That's the list of things that I got from Ioana.  She had left this stuff with friends in Chicago and she had asked that when I come I bring it with me to which I readily agreed.  

I'm downtown today trying to renew my passport as quickly as possible.  When I went in to get my Chinese visa last week I was told they won't give me a visa as my passport expires in Jan of 2015.  As I leave for Budapest next week and have to have my passport for that, I'm having to sneak the new passport in first and then go for the visa in the 2 weeks that I'm home between Hungary and China.  I did apply my passport today and I get it back on the 17th so that's pretty quick.  Still not confident enough to get the visa in between then and my Hungary departure.  So - Ill do that when I get back.

In the meantime while I was down, I decided to I over to Irving Park and pick up her stuff.  I hopped on the brown line and got over and met with Jenna who brought me to their basement storage unit and pulled out a box... And a bag... And both were full:). There's boots, shoes, clothes, books and papers and a coffee mug (which I had given her New Years two years ago:).  It made me laugh - and now Ill need to add that to my big bag list and get all that in.  But Im happy she'll be reunited with her stuff!

On the train going home now - but dont worry Chicago - Ill be back again on Wednesday!

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