Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm behind on the blog, but before I post anything else there are just a few thanks I have to make note of!

Thanks to all my totally amazing friends who made me feel special for my birthday (even though I don't like to acknowledge that beleaguered day they are good enough to make it an enjoyable event).  Thanks to Kim for making note of the fruit/pastry lover in me and jazzing things with a birthday pie!

Thanks to Karl for knowing sometimes a girl just needs real flowers, even though the pictures of dads roses are a close second.   Birthdays, especially dreaded ones, are better with a bunch of flowers.

Past the birthday....
Thanks to everyone who came to and/or ordered from Noonday Collection!  It's a company that's grown close to my heart because they do such amazing stuff!  Great jewelry, but even greater support of the women and communities that make it all!  Your purchases help people that would never have a chance for a decent life - from single mothers to men and women with HIV.  Uganda, India, Guatemala - places where it's hard to find jobs that pay more than just survival salaries - the stuff in Noonday Collection pays wages that not only help people survive, but give them a chance for a better life and a chance to educate their children and to make a better future for themselves, their families and their communities!  Thank you for supporting them!
If you still want to place an order you can do so until Thursday, sept 11th at midnight.  Go to  And when you go to place an order, please note my name in the trunk show.  The proceeds will go towards helping a local family that is trying to adopt!  Don't forget to check out the sale tab too!

And - because I'm just wanting to share more flowers.... If you missed my Noonday party....

Oh!  Just a heads up that I'm going to do another Noonday party in November because they'll have the Christmas line out then! 

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