Monday, November 10, 2014

The Long And Short Of It

Im sitting at the airport getting ready to leave China.  And as I sit, I'm considering some things...

Things Ill Miss
-Seeing the sun (which I actually SAW more these past two weeks than Ill probably see at home starting Chicagi winter!)
-Pretzel rolls from Jenny's
-Red bean scones.... My last one at the airport:(

-Cheap name brand shoes, purses and clothes from little shops that try to act like they're not there.
-Feeling like I'm some kind of movie star when I go out and random people point and take my picture because I look different (and to my friends and family - no smart comments about my looking "different"..:) 
-Chinese Starbucks chats with my friend:)!  This should actually be number one!
-Appreciating the ability - no - expectation to have and exhibit emotions when you're driving or being pushed around in a line or on a train
-The danger of just crossing a street
-Feeling this amazing community of growing, thriving, stumbling, breathing, hurting, loving, forgiving, messing up and trying it again believers that I sometimes wonder if Ill ever feel in the states because this atmosphere creates this greenhouse of faith that spills out the windows and doors and affects others in a way you can't help but notice.  I'm especially sad about leaving these people!  Zach and Julie being prime example number one!

-Crowded subway trains with people leaning on your back and stepping on your toes and shoving in the minute the doors open 
-Playing "I'm it" when standing at a checkout and fighting for your place in line!
-People who are unaware of the concept of a schedule or time
-Breathing chunky, black air
-Not seeing the sun because of the black, chunky air 
-Squatty potties
-Throwing your used toilet paper in a trash can instead of said toilet 
-Trying to figure out how much money you're getting every time you go to an ATM
-Spotty speedy Internet
-Feeling like you're in a game of Frogger when you're in a car
-Not being the one having fun playing Frogger while you're in a car - you just can't get as angry or frustrated if you're not behind the wheel!:)
-An entire country that doesn't have the ability to even comprehend basic good manners and the act of thinking of someone else that you may not even know.
-Ordering a coffee from Starbucks and just having to keep it to the pictures and the actual list of drinks - no special orders like 3 pumps or 3 shots or hazelnut latte.  Just point and say the words they know
-Exceedingly dirty cars you accidentally brush up against and get the dirt from 1000 factories on you
-Putting things in your mouth that you literally don't know where they've been- all while a group of eager Chinese watch you with great expectation
-Doing laundry and not having a dryer:)



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