Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodnight China!

Its my last day here in China.  I'm sad.  I'm not feeling like I'm actually leaving tomorrow.  When I was getting ready to come here I was thinking - two and half weeks is SO long.  And now that its over - it wasn't long at all - I think it just started yesterday.  I seriously feel like I really haven't been here that long - or maybe it feels like I've been here so long that its just life here and now I have to go back to my own real reality.  

There was a mistake with something that we bought yesterday at the Pearl Market and we were going to leave it, but then we found that the woman actually forgot to put something in the bag that we had bought.  So, we decided another trip down was due but we decided to get up early so we could be back by noon.
We left around 8:30, got to the shop and got what we needed (and yet again some more :(.... Grabbed Starbucks and chilled for a short short while, and then got back on the train for the 40 minute ride back home.  

The next stop we made was one other shop that we didn't have enough cash at on Saturday.  They have all this woodwork stuff and so there were a few things I wanted for Christmas.  We popped back in there - and once again, walked away with more that what was expected.  But on the plus side for both of us - Christmas is done! :)

Because we were close to Jenny's, we went over for some guacamole and chips and Starbucks again - and a nice long chat about this and that.  And then over to Jenny's just to get a few things for the evening and for my plane ride home.  Since I don't eat plane food, I usually try to grab something before I get on the flight.  However, in the Beijing airport, theres really not a lot thats palatable to tie on a flight and have a sane stomach the whole way.  So I'm just going to bring some stuff with me. 

And the primary thing I had requested to get, because she did this last time for me and it was the most amazing thing!  Julie had cut up a pomelo for me and I brought it on the flight and ate the whole thing!  I had to have it again - and its seriously one of my favorite fruits and not as good or easy to get in the states so - I had to have one last Chinese pomelo!

Quick insert as its been intriguing me this whole trip... I caught this on the way over to another shop this evening.  They have a car brand here called "Great Wall" and this is the symbol.  I don't know why it intrigued me - just did....

Julie had asked what I wanted as my "last meal" here and so the first thing that popped into my head was - DUMPLINGS!  They're so amazing.  Theres a restaurant around the corner that they go to and they have seriously good dumplings.  There are ones that are kind of boiled and ones that are fried.  All delicious!  It made me happy - it made me sad..... No more dumplings for a while...

Last wine and dumplings with Zach and Julie.... I think I'll definitely miss the Zach and Julie part WAY more than the dumplings or the wine!

And then I headed upstairs to pack.  All of my stuff including Christmas presents (so no one look to hard....) and I'm taking stuff back for Julie so she came up and kept me company as she packed up all the different gifts that she wants me to bring back to family in the states.

And now I'm pretty much all packed, I'm checked in and all my bags accepted and checked off on so I'm feeling good and ready.  And now I'm just doing one last evening post.

Last goodnight for a while China!

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